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CLCL Highlights

May 2017
Mini-workshop on computational linguistics issues related to machine translation, multilinguality and vector space approaches organised by CLCL group

March 2017
Two series of lectures on Universal Dependencies and Dependency Parsing by invited Professor Joakim Nivre
Update: May schedule
Slides: 1-6

The course Lecture d'articles scientifiques is given by invited lecturer Aurelie Herbelot (University of Trento) schedule

March 2016
Welcome to our new colleague: Alexandre Kabbach (PhD student)

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About Us

The CLCL Research Group brings together a number of academic staff and PhD students based in the Departments of Linguistics (LATL) and Computer Science (CUI, GAIL) at the University of Geneva.

The group is concerned with interdisciplinary research combining linguistic modelling with machine learning techniques. The scope of research includes fundamental issues in the statistical nature of language, fundamental issues in machine learning for structure prediction problems, and empirical evaluations that cross these two themes.

Our current research includes
Some recent articles: