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The CLCL Research Group brings together a number of academic staff and PhD students based in the Departments of Linguistics (LATL) and Computer Science (CUI, GAIL) at the University of Geneva.

The group is concerned with interdisciplinary research combining linguistic modelling with machine learning techniques. The scope of research includes fundamental issues in the statistical nature of language, fundamental issues in machine learning for structure prediction problems, and empirical evaluations that cross these two themes.

Our current research includes
  • Semantic role parsing
  • Latent variable models
  • Multi-lingual processing
  • Syntactic dependency parsing
  • Cross-lingual annotation transfer
  • Statistical spoken dialogue systems
  • Syntactic function parsing
  • Spoken language understanding.
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CLCL Highlights:
October 2015

  Opening for a doctoral assistant position in the Linguistics Department

Computational Linguistics (in French)

June 2015

After her PostDoc at CLCL, Sarah Ouwayda has accepted a Computational Linguist position at Google.
May 2015

  Openings for two doctoral assistant positions in the Linguistics Department

Computational Linguistics (in French)

New Information and Communication Technologies (in French)

October 2013
  After her PhD at CLCL Tanja Samardzic accepted a position as the director of the CorpusLab at the University of Zurich.    

  After his PhD at CLCL Nikhil Garg has accepted a NLP engineer position at Amazon, Berlin.    

  Welcome to the new CLCL post-doctoral researcher, Majid Yazdani (PhD, EPFL).  
September 2013
  Welcome to the new post-doctoral researcher, Sarah Ouwayda (PhD, USC)    
April 2013
  Professor Paola Merlo is now the editor-in-chief of Computational Linguistics.    
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